Have a happy joyous Eid!


Dear friends and VAB Canada family:
There are many destitute children, parents and families are going to miss this Eid festival, especially in the war conflicted zone across the world.
Let’s sit for a while and think quietly and send our good wishes for those helpless/victims through loving- kindness practice.
On behalf of VAB Canada, with a heavy heart I wish you all a blissful Eid.
Warm regards,
Pamelia Khaled
Founder-President Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada (VABC)

Stop Genocide in Gaza

Message from VAB Canada:

Stop genocide, support for Gaza

 On behalf of Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada, President Pamelia Khaled plead to International leaders and UN to stop Gaza massacre. She urges to raise a collective voice to hear authority, leader of Israel.  The leader of Israel and international community must  get back to  senses and start working for the sake of humanity, thinking “Gaza’s innocent people”.

Israil- 2



Why VAB Canada is mourning genocide in Gaza?  We are mourning watching genocide in Gaza because we experienced genocide four decades ago; more than 3 millions innocents were killed in March, 1971 in Bangladesh by Pakistan army. VAB Canada is not taking any sides Israel or Gaza. We are mourning  for all victims who are largely innocent children and civilians. Israel has broken the law of war and also international law and targeted children and civilians in Gaza. VAB Canada stands with the people of Gaza thinking Genocide 1971; death numbers might have turned out differently if America and its allies would stand with Bangladesh in 1971.

We all  hope the removal of siege on Gaza soon and Israel would come back to sense to starts dialogue for Peace.


Educational Conference 2014, VAB Bangladesh and VAB Canada

VAB Canada is very pleased to inform you that VABC Educational Conference 2014 cum Iftar event took place in Dhaka on 16 July at the VAB New Office. Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowhury was present as the chief guest and Professor Dara Shamsuddin of Jahangir Nagar University, Mr Magfuruddin Ahmed, former Rotary Governor, Dr Harun ur Rashid of Shanta Marium University, Mr Nurul Alam Joint Secretary General of Bangladesh, Engineer and IT Specialist Rifat Zaman, Engineer. S Baki Dirctor of Titas Gas, Lolita Wohab, M Wohab, Engineer Muniruzzaman of Public Works Dept., Brig. Gen. Abdul Halim were present at the event.

There were also many dignitaries and educators  present at the conference.



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