A brief report on Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada, 2014

VAB Chat2013 was a year of consolidation for VABC with a whole year of various preparations and plans for future expansion: December 9th, 2012 was an auspicious day for Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada. During the computer sponsorship celebration event, Bangladeshi professionals of Toronto joined forces with members of VABC on a digital education mission to improve skills for the disadvantaged high school students of rural Bangladesh.

  1. List of Computer Lab sponsor’s names and schools
    A. Mr. Kaisar Sarwar, Burischar Junior High School, Hathazari, Chittagong (completed)
    B. Mr.Monir Islam, Atakara Hamidia Madrassa, Atakara, Laksham, Comilla (completed)
    C. Mrs. Amelia Ahmed, Maharani Hemanta Kumari Pilot High School, Nandina, Jamalpur (completed)
    D. Mr. Mamnoon Rahman, Comilla School, Comilla (completed)
    E. Mr. Saiful Alam Murtaza has taken an ambitious to sponsor total 5 schools in the area of Barisal district, Bangladesh (two computer labs are completed)
  2. Zakat: humanitarian fund collection: All VAB schools are in rural Bangladesh where the schools, the community and the students are poor and deserve help. Thus, VABC raised funds through Zakat to provide scholarships for the talented but disadvantaged children.
  3. Winter clothes: humanitarian fund collection: In 2013, the Bangladeshi poor suffered a few weeks of extreme winter spell. Members of VABC distributed winter goods to unreachable areas and also initiated distribution of winter clothes for the cold-stricken children in Bangladesh. We are pleased that we got a very good response from our members. The following members contributed for this good cause: Dr. A.T.R Rahman;Mrs. Pamelia Khaled;Mr. Mohammad Nasiruddin; Mr. Mahabubur Rahman; Mr. Shahriar Khaled; Mr Kashem and Mr. Noman and Mr. Mamnoon provided their support in Bangladesh.
  4. Supporting Ratna’s high school education: Mr. Mamnoon Rahman committed to support Ratna’s entire High School expenses.
  5. Teacher Development: In 2013, VABC organized teacher training programs and financially supported these programs
  6. Publications: Ten(10) articles are published in Daily Sun and Financial Express on VAB and secondary education in Bangladesh
  7. Rana plaza tragedy: humanitarian fund collection: The latest case is the Rana Plaza tragedy, in which the building housing several garment units collapsed at Savar in Dhaka and killed over 1000 workers and left hundreds injured. The worst-ever tragedy in the apparel sector shocked people in the country as well as those abroad. So, once again VABC stepped in to collect funds for the victims.
  8. VAB Canada Educational Conference, 2014: VAB Canada is very pleased to inform you that VABC Educational Conference 2014 cum Iftar event took place in Dhaka on 16 July at the VAB New Office. Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowhury was present as the chief guest and Professor Dara Shamsuddin of Jahangir Nagar University, Mr Magfuruddin Ahmed, former Rotary Governor, Dr Harun ur Rashid of Shanta Marium University, Mr Nurul Alam Joint Secretary General of Bangladesh, Engineer and IT Specialist Rifat Zaman, Engineer. S Baki Dirctor of Titas Gas, Lolita Wohab, M Wohab, Engineer Muniruzzaman of Public Works Dept., Brig. Gen. Abdul Halim were present at the event.
  9. Outstanding Canadian Award for Community Development: The selection committee of the body of ” Network for International Care and Services Canada” (NICAS CANADA), a renowned humanitarian, community development organization has honoured and awarded Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada( VABC) and its founder- President Mrs. Pamelia Khaled at a reception ceremony in Ontario Legion Hall on Aug 24 Sunday with other awardees.
  10. Fundraising plans for 2014: In 2013, VABC planned and created a strong team of volunteers and targets to raise $25,000 -50,000 net in 2014. Fundraising events for 2014 include a Gala Dinner and also other interesting events. The President and the Volunteer Team will focus on realistic implementation steps and monitor them closely. Meetings will be held fortnightly initially and later weekly to ensure that the Team achieves its target of having at least 200 members including new potential donors.

Last project was Nandina M. H. K. Govt. Pilot High School, Nandina, Jamalpur.

C.T Nandina  Govt. HS-1 C.T Nandina  Govt. HS-3



VAB provided 2 Corei3 Toshiba latops and one desktop computer.
Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, Program Officer & Computer Instructor of VAB conducted a 2 days (18-19 August, 2014) training in computer. Eighteen teachers of the school attended the training. They are very pleased to get the computers & training