A few philanthropists and legends in Education

A few philanthropists and legends in Education: The annual meeting of Volunteers Association for Bangladesh! Prof. Jamilur Reza Choudhury, Prof Jasimuz Zaman, Prof Dara Shamsuddin, Mr. Neaz Ahmed, Mr. Ahmed Farooque; Mr. Abdul Awal; Ms. Pamelia Khaled; Ms. Sushmita Ghani Chaya, Ms. Dilder Haseen Diptee, Ms. Hamida Ali, Mr. M.A. Shahid, Mr. Momtazuddin Bhuiyan; Mr. Syed Tamim; Mr. Munir Hasan; Mr Khandker Swanan Shahriar and Mr. Arijit Kumar Roy.

A brief biography


Pamelia Khaled Founder-President of Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada

Pamelia Khaled is a Doctoral Candidate at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, at the University of Toronto (Canada), with wide-ranging experience in the field of education and development. In addition to a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from York University in Canada, she holds research-based master’s degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from Bangladesh.

Her doctoral research aims to explore the curricula of religious and secular education systems and the sociology-political processes that shape the current Bangladesh secondary education system. She also aims to identify key weaknesses in these systems in terms of quality and equity, and to examine the obstacles to overcoming such weaknesses. She has a keen research interest in Bangladesh’s social issue including urban poor, gender, education and women’s employment. Pamelia Khaled has a deep concern in multicultural approaches for Bangladesh and for other multicultural societies, such as those in other Asian countries and in Canada. As a means to support under-privileged children in Bangladesh and community development in Toronto, she initiated the “Volunteers Association for Bangladesh” Chapter in Toronto, Canada. This non-profit organization provides social, educational and financial support to rural children and youths in Bangladesh.